you may

you may publish as a specimen of the whole, for the inspection of an administration either misinformd credulous to the greatest degree of human weakness, or obstinate in wilfull error. They have lately employd eight regiments of british troops to bring an handful of unfortunate carribs to a treaty dishonorable to the nation. How many regiments will be thought necessary to penetrate the heart of a populus country subdue a sensible enlightned brave people to the ignominious terms of slavery. Or will his lordships superior wisdom direct to more salutory measures, and by establishing freedom in every part of the kings extensive dominions, restore that mutual harmony affection which alone is wanting to build up the greatest empire the world has ever yet

obligd to

obligd to you for your intention to hold up to the publick the generosity of my esteemed friend mr. Otis. I wish i could assure you that he is perfectly recoverd. April 12. This day i have the pleasure of receiving yours of the 25 of jany.3 your putting me in mind of the honor done me by the society of the bill of rights is very kind. I ought sooner to have acknowledgd it. My omitting it was owing to being in a hurry when i last wrote to you. I am sensible i am not one of the most regular correspondents perhaps not so as i should be. I duly recd tho i think not by mr storey, the letter which inclosed the answer to the resolution of the govr council against junius

of attraction

of attraction that a swarm of urchins, from the smallest toddler in his buff to the more mature imp of fourteen, persisted in following close at his heels, presenting him with pomegranates and plantains, and, indeed, offering him such salutations as their instincts directed for they fancied him the great schoolmaster they had been told would one day come from the east to teach them how to be great men. While all these things, then, were progressing, and the general seemed leaping to the apex of his fame, the officers of the ship, not content with the joke they had already perpetrated, resolved on having such a parting with him as would be both amusing and instructive. They therefore invited him to a grand banquet, which

I must

I must now acknowledge your agreeable letter of the 24 of decr.2 i cannot wonder that you almost depair of the british nation. Can that people be saved from ruin, who carry their liberties to market sell them to the highest bidder. But america shall rise full plumed and glorious from her mothers ashes. Our house of representatives have sent a letter to lord dartmouth. This must without question be a wise measure, though i must own i was not in it. I feard it would lead the people to a false dependence i mean upon a minister of state, when it ought to be placed, with gods assistance, upon themselves. You cannot better prepare him for the representatives of the house, than as you propose, by giving him a proper idea of hutchinson. I am much

the speaker

the speaker of the house of representatives in a printed sheet of their journals and our come of correspondence have circulated copies of them into every town district through the province.1 i wish i could hear more of lord d. To qualify him for his high office, than merely that he is a good man. Goodness i confess is an essential, tho too rare a qualification of a minister of state. Possibly i may not have been informd of the whole of his lordships character. Without a greatness of mind adequate to the importance of his station, i fear he may find himself embarrassd with his present connections. It can easily be conceivd what principle induced lord north to recommend to that department a nobleman characterized in america for piety but what could

prevail on

prevail on his lordship to joyn with such connections, unless he had a consciousness that his own abilities were sufficient to defeat the plans of a corrupt administration, i am not able to conceive. It might be well for his lordship to be assured, that there is now a fairer prospect than ever of an union among the colonies, which his predecessor did had reason to dread, tho he affected to despise it. Should the correspondence proposd by virginia produce a congress and that an assembly of states, it would require the head of a very able minister to treat with so respectable a body. This perhaps is a mere fiction in the mind of a political enthusiast. Ministers of state are not to be disturbd with dreams.

At the

At the meeting of the assembly, he thought proper to open a controversy with the two houses, for which i think hillsbro would not thank him for he has thereby defeated the favorite design of the ministry, which was to lull the people into security, and for the effecting of which design, he had before thought himself, or endeavord to make administration believe he was entitled to so great a share of merit. It has been publishd in most of the newspapers in the continent engages much of the attention of the other colonies. This, together with ye proceedings of a contemptible town meeting, has awakned the jealousy of all, has particularly raised ye spirit of the most ancient patriotick colony of virginia. Their manly resolves have been transmitted to

mortifying to

mortifying to our petty tyrants. Every art every instrument was made use of to prevent the meetings of the towns in the country but to no purpose. It is no wonder that a measure calculated to promote a correspodence and a free communication among the people, should awaken apprehensions for they well know that it must detect their falshood in asserting that the people of this country were satisfied with the measures of the british parliament and the administration of government. Our governor has in my opinion merited greatly of the ministry by his constant endeavors, though in vain, to sooth quiet the people perswade them to think there were no grievances that might be seen felt or understood. And when the house of representatives in the last

may session,

may session, by almost a unanimous vote remonstrated against his independency, he, without the least foundation in truth, for no other reason that i can conceive but to give countenance to his patron hillsborough, or to establish himself in his governmt which he recd with so great reluctance, did not scruple in his speech at the close of that session, to insinuate that the house was under the influence of a few factious members. No speech of bernards ever gave greater disgust to the people, nor with more reason. There has been another session of the genl assembly, wch began unexpectedly on the 6th of jany last. It is my opinion that it would have been postponed, as usual of late, till near the close

at the

at the further end of the den, are halffrantic men, women, and girls, now sitting at deal tables, playing for drinks, now jostling, jeering, i must by no means omit to request you to present my most respectful complimts to the society of the bill of rights and return them my hearty thanks for the great honor they have done me in admitting me one of their members. The gentlemen may be assured that this unexpected mark of their respect adds to the obligation which i have ever held myself under, to employ the small share of ability which god has given me, in vindicating the rights of my country mankind. I can now assure you, that the efforts of this town at their meeting in november last, have had effects which are extremely

isle. Three

isle. Three uncouth females, with hair hanging matted over their faces, and their features hidden in distortion, stand cooling their bared limbs at a running faucet just inside the door, to the left. A group of halfnaked negroes lie insensible on the floor, to the right. A little further on two prostrate females, shivering, and reeking of gin, sleep undisturbed by the profanity that is making the very air resound. The gin gets amany of us, is the mournful cry of many a wasting inebriate. Mr. Krone, however, will tell you he has no sympathy with such cries. You arraign, and perhaps punish, the apothecary who sells by mistake his deadly drug. With a philosophical air, mr. Krone will tell you he deals out his poison without scruple, fills almshouses without a pang of remorse, and proves that a politicianmaker may do much to degrade

diligently in

diligently in writing long and very eulogistic articles to the new york newspapers, in which he described the great deference paid them by the officers during the voyage, the wonderful reception at buzabub, the great resources of the country, and the immense advantages that must resnlt from this mission. Nor did tickler forget to mention that general roger potter was exactly the man to effect all our objects. Three whole days did the cunning critic occupy in the preparation of these marvellous accounts which were so well larded with latin quotations that the writers for putnam went into ecstacies of delight over their great literary merits. During this time the general became a lion of no small dimensions, and whether mounted on old battle, or afoot, was so great an object

be obliging

be obliging and civil. I dont, siri really dont think hell steal. But one cant tell what a man will do who is driven to such straits as the poor devils here are. We rather like toddleworth at the station, look upon him as rather wanting in the head, and for that reason rather incline to favor him. I may say we now and then let him tie up all night in the station. And for this he seems very thankful. I may say, continues mr. Fitzgerald, touching the visor of his cap, that he always repays with kindness any little attention we may extend to him at the station, and at times seems too anxious to make it his home. We give him a shirt and a few shillings now and then and when we want to be rid of him we begin to talk about fashionable wives. He is sure to go then. Cant stand such a topic, i assure you, sir, and is sure to go off in a

huff when

huff when sergeant pottle starts it. They enter the great door of the bottomless pit the young missionary hesitates. His countenance changes, his eyes scan steadily over the scene. A room some sixty feet by twenty opens to his astonished eyes. Its black, boarded walls, and bare beams, are enlivened here and there with extravagant pictures of notorious pugilists, showbills, and illustrated advertisements of lascivious books, in which the murder of an unfortunate woman is the principal feature. Slippery mud covers the floor. Mr. Krone sits on an empty whiskeybarrel, his stunted features betraying the hardened avarice of his character. He smokes his black pipe, folds his arms deliberately, discoursing of the affairs of the nation to two stupefied negroes and one bleareyed son of the emerald

over the

over the dingy dwellings of the points, which, sullen and dark, seem in a dripping mood. A glimmering light, here and there, throws curious shadows over the liquid streets. Now the drenched form of some halfnaked and homeless being is reflected, standing shivering in the entrance to some dark and narrow alley then the halfcrazed inebriate hurries into the open door of a dismal cellar, or seeks eagerly a shelter for his bewildered head, in some suspicious den. Flashing through the shadow of the police lamp, in cow bay, a forlorn female is seen, a bottle held tightly under her shawl. Sailing as it were into the bottomless pit of the house of the nine nations, then suddenly returning with the drug, seeking the cheerless garret of her dissolute partner, and there striving to blunt her feelings against the horrors of

ruffians disgrace

ruffians disgrace the city with their fiendish outragesthat makes presidents and drinks whiskey when the city would seem given over to the swellmobsmanwhen no security is offered to life, and wholesale harlotry, flaunting with naked arms and bared bosoms, passes along in possession of broadway by night. It is the night succeeding the day lady swiggs discovered, at the house of the foreign missions, the loss of her cherished donations. As this is a world of disappointments, lady swiggs resigns herself to this most galling of all, and with her milton firmly grasped in her hand, may be seen in a little room at sister scudders, rocking herself in the armchair, and wondering if brother spyke has captured the robberwretch. A chilly wind howls, and a drizzling rain falls thick

murderers yard.

murderers yard. How it mocks your philanthropy, your regal edifices, your boasted charitiesyour gorgeous churches. Everybody but the corporation knows the house of the nine nations, a haunt for wasted prostitutes, assassins, burglars, thievesevery grade of criminals known to depraved nature. The corporation would seem either to have a charming sympathy for it, or to look upon it with that goodnatured indifference so happily illustrated while eating its oysters and drinking its whiskey. An emptyheaded corporation is sure always to have its hands very full, which is the case with yours at this moment. Having the peoples money to waste, its own ambition to serve, and its hat to fill with political waste paperwhat more would you ask of it. The man of the house of the nine nations, you ought to know, makes

criminals by

criminals by the hundred, deluges your alms houses with paupers, and makes your potters field reek with his victims for this he is become rich. Mr. Krone is an intimate friend of more than one councilman, and a man of much measure in the political worldthat is, mr. Krone is a politicianmaker. When you say there exists too close an intimacy between the pugilist and the politician, mr. Krone will bet twenty drinks with any one of his customers that he can prove such doctrines at fault. He can secure the election of his favorite candidate with the same facility that he can make an hundred paupers per week. You may well believe him a choice flower in the bouquet of the corporation we mean the corporation that banquets and becomes jubilant while assassins stab their victims in the broad streetthat becomes befogged while bands of

little of

little of these affairs. Secretaries, rejoined the priest, follow their masters, mounted on a mule, and he in turn is followed by two renegades, similarly mounted the priest following, mounted on an ass. And this is strictly in accordance with an ancient custom, for the priest being necessary to the strict morality of the train, it is becoming that he should humble himself. Mr. Tickler shook his head, and was evidently much disappointed at the shabby position he was to occupy in the train. Indeed, he wished himself back in new york a dozen times, and swore he would consider it a kindness if the devil had his secretaryship. Encouraged, however, with extravagant promises of what the future might have in store for him, he betook himself

continual outgoing

continual outgoing and ingoing of sooty and cruelvisaged denizens with its rickety old steps leading to the second story with its battered windows, begrimed walls, demolished shutters, clapboards hanging at sixes and sevenswith its suspicious aspectthere it stands, with its distained sign over the doors of its bottomless pit. You may read on this sign, that a gentleman from ireland, who for convenience sake we will call mr. Krone, is licensed to sell imported and other liquors. Indeed the house of the nine nations would seem to say within itself i am mother of this banquet of death you behold with your eyes. There it stands, its stream of poison hurrying its victims to the grave its little dark passages leading to curious hidingplaces its caving roof, and its ominouslooking back platform, overlooking the dead walls of

On the

On the corner of anthony street and the points,4 in newyork, there stands, like a grim savage, the house of the nine nations, a dingy wooden tenement, that for twenty years has threatened to tumble away from its more upright neighbor, and before which the stranger wayfarer is seen to stop and contemplate. In a neighborhood redolent of crime, there it stands, its vices thick upon its head, exciting in the mind of the observer its association with some dark and terrible deed. On the one side, opens that area of misery, mud and sombre walls, called cow bay on the other a triangular plot, reeking with the garbage of the miserable cellars that flank it, and in which swarms of wasting beings seek a hidingplace, inhale pestilential air, and die. Gutters running with seething matter homeless outcasts sitting, besotted, on crazy

crimsoning with

crimsoning with blushes. Mark ye, my friend of the clergy, these places make sad destruction of our young men. Indeed i may say with becoming sincerity and truth, that they spread a poison over the community, and act as the great enemy of our social system. Heigh ho. Ejaculates madame ashley, to the great delight of the throng assembled, satan has come to rebuke sin. Madame bids his honor a very polite good morning, and takes her departure, looking disdainfully over her shoulder as she disappears out of the door. Not a little disturbed in his equanimity, the judge pursues his charge. The clergy ought to keep their garments clear of such places, for being the source of all evil, the effect on the community is not goodi mean when such things are brought to light. I would address you frankly and